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High quality data network cabling is essential for many UK businesses to perform to their maximum capacity. Data is a valuable
commodity in the modern world and in order to get the best data network cabling you need an installations company who are
specialists with a wide range of experience.

If you are considering employing a data network cabling contractor there are a wide range of cable options available to you. By
speaking to Data Power we will be able to advise which type of installation would best suit your needs and your budget. Two
recent cabling standards that have been introduced to cope with the ever expanding networks and bandwidth are Cat 6a and
Cat 7a. The 'a' stands for 'augmented'. As companies become more and more dependent on their data network cabling for the
quick and safe transfer of data the advancements in data cable are also quickening in order to cope.

Cat 6a data cable offers a 500MHz data network cabling system which can be used with UTP (unshielded twisted pair), FTP
(foil screened twisted pair) and also SFTP (shielded and foil screened twisted pair) network cables and the more advanced Cat
7a offers double the MHz at 1000MHz to work in conjunction with the latest 40gb Ethernet systems.

Whatever you UK network needs, whether it is Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, fibre optic or voice backbone cabling, it is important that
you speak to a specialist with the right qualifications and accreditations to advise you on the right installation. At Data Power we
have been providing networking solutions to UK businesses for many years so give us a call or drop us an email today for a
competitive quote.

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